Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I'll start out by saying that Mountain Cedar is from the devil.  I easily sneeze 243 times in one day.  I heard that people will move to other areas of the country to get away from it.  I completely understand why now.

I spend a lot of days at home because we share one car and I don't really want to get out of my pajamas anyway so it makes my life easier.  Staying in your pj's all day was something that I never could understand from SAHM's until I actually became one.  I try very hard to make sure I am dressed by the time Jason gets home, but even then....

Yesterday we spent the day doing laundry, taking our tree down and had lunch with our sweet friend Laci. I always have so much fun with the girls during the day.
My little mess. She dressed herself  and wanted me to take a picture. 
My sweet, serious Reagan drinking her hot chocolate like a grown up. ;-) 
I also spent hours trying to work on our church website and banging my head into the wall. Thankfully I phoned a friend for help who knows way more about all this stuff than I do.  She confirmed to me that I have no clue what I am doing. I appreciated her honesty and if I am being honest I secretly prayed that she would tell me, "you really have no skills at all to do this. I'll do it all for you." I'm just sayin.

Instead it went a little like, "I'll help you get started. Let's work on making this a little more user friendly and then you'll be able to do this!" Dang it.

In other news, I have to do a little plug for our church. We just started a series called The Gathering and it is by far one of the most exciting ones we have done in my opinion. I feel like people have given up on church. Maybe not Jesus or even their friends that go to church, but for whatever reason it has become one of those things that people can take or leave.  But church isn't a place, it's a gathering of people. A community.  It's where miracles happen because where 2 or more are gathered He is there.  I believe that the church is the hope of the world. I believe without it we can't go as deep as Jesus wants us to. Who will bring a meal to family that just had a baby? Who will cry with the broken? Who will support the addict?  What happens to the woman who's husband left her?  There is no body of Christ because we no longer know what it means to come together to worship, use our gifts, find healing and help lead lost people to Jesus.   Hope is lost.

So, this series is a big deal to me. We are getting serious about who we are and what we value. Each week we will be breaking down our values and how they apply to us as individuals. My prayer is that we would be a place that longs for more of Jesus in our lives everyday.

Hope you can make it! 1600 River Road,  78132 | 9:00 and 10:45 am.

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