Saturday, January 11, 2014

A successful first week

I have to say that this was a very successful first full week of January. Jackson went back to school only kicking and screaming a little. Mornings are the worst with him, but by the time he gets out the door he is fine.  Our week went a little like this.....

Wednesday night Jason and a bunch of guys from our small group went to the Spurs game. Our friend Randy graciously invited Jackson to come along.  This is a pretty huge deal to this 7 year old. Not only where they 4 rows behind the Spurs bench, Jackson apparently followed every single play without skipping a beat. There was also the added bonus that they were on TV and several people saw them.  I've never seen him so excited. So thankful for Randy who made a little boys dream come true. My small group ladies got sitters that night and also enjoyed a little time together! It was so fun getting a night away with girls. I seriously just love our church.

Thursday we spent almost the whole day installing some new equipment up at the church. I was there from 3:00 - 9:00pm. I haven't spent days like that at the church in a long time. I am pretty good at being at home with the kids so that doesn't happen, but sometimes you have to make exceptions. Thankfully it's not a regular thing.

Yesterday the girls and I got to watch baby Avery. She is a doll baby and the sweetest thing. The girls had so much fun with her and kept asking if we could get another baby. I must admit the baby fever did hit me a little yesterday. I will however say that I love the ages my kids are at. It's fun when they are babies, but I love this new stage we are entering in to.

We ended our Friday with a fun night out with some of our friends from River City. Francesca and Nick took us to this awesome restaurant in Bulverde, Texas called Tejas Steakhouse. Seriously amazing food and so laid back. I love any place that you can wear jeans and eat good food at.  Aaron & Bre came too and we had the best time enjoying good food, live music and friends.

It was a really busy week, but a great one. I am a full believer that when we spend time apart from the world and get quiet with God our whole perspective changes. I was really thankful that I did that this week and made time to read the bible and pray.

Hoping that this means good things for 2014!

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