Monday, January 06, 2014

We did it

"This is the year.  2014."

"Maybe this year will be different."

"Cheers to a better year than 2013!"

"So long 2013, I won't miss you!"

This was many Facebook posts on New Years Eve.  I am not sure I saw any posts that said, "You've been awesome 2013! I hope 2014 will be just like you!" I always find in interesting when I see posts like that and it sparks my curiosity wondering what the heck went on in their lives that year.

Jason and I started out last year on an incredible journey moving to New Braunfels and pastoring River City Church New Braunfels. Anytime I hear Jason talking with leaders lately about this last year it has began with, "WE DID IT!".

Yes.  We did it.

started something new.
got bruised (and maybe a few broken bones) and got back up again
accomplished a new year at a new school
transitioned into me staying home full-time
And, we did it.

learned to love each other deeper.
prayed harder and longer.
learned to trust God.
don't know everything!!
And, we did it.

learned how to make meals to feed lots of people on a budget.
received a lot of grace
made friends
made family
got potty trained
Yep, we did it!

watched a lot of Netflix
realized God is bigger than we thought
saw Him provide
grew up
spent another year raising our amazing children
celebrated 9 years of marriage


My sweet friends who walked through a year of cancer treatment, you did it.  You who walked through the loneliest moments of your life, you did it. You who thought God would never provide, HE did it.

Our dear church, WE DID IT.  We baptized, cried, worshiped, learned and loved.

You did it. We did it. He did it.

Can't wait to see what He does in 2014 for us all. With great expectation, we welcome all that it has to offer.

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