Thursday, September 19, 2013

To the volunteers at my church.

To the volunteers at my church:

I say thank you.

To quote Bill Hybles, "The local church is the hope of the world." Today I am overwhelmed to brag a little bit because without you there would be no church.

I thank you for spending endless hours loving on children, changing diapers, wiping down toys, teaching silly songs, acting out bible stories, rocking crying babies, making copies, setting up rooms, tearing down tables, making coffee, sweeping, painting and mowing.

You do it all. I see you.

Thank you for setting up speakers, creating slides, changing cables, fixing computers, playing your instrument, rehearsing in the middle of your week and using your voice to create a time of worship.  Thank you for hanging out with teenagers, going to football games and taking people to coffee. Thank you for giving someone hope when all hope is lost. For loving them when they feel the most broken.

Volunteer, we experience Jesus because you use your gift.

Thank you for greeting our new guests, praying for people in need, handing out cups of coffee and taking time to talk to someone hurting. You fold bulletins, design graphics, create back drops, take pictures, bring organization and make sure people see Jesus.

Words can't begin to express.

With a humble heart, thank you for the time you put into serving Jesus. You get up at 6am on a Sunday morning to make sure kids are taken care of, coffee is made for our guests and worship is ready to go. You serve popcorn to a neighborhood of people that need Jesus on a Friday night. You give up your backyard so kids can hear about Jesus.

For opening your homes, your hearts and your bibles. So grateful.

I know you do that because you love Jesus and that you believe in the mission of River City.

River City, I thank you.  You are the hands of feet of Jesus and He is pleased.

I am a grateful woman.

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