Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Madison Joy Powers

I feel like I need to remind myself where my kids are at. So, humor me while I do a little update on Madison.  :)

Madison is 2  1/2 years old.  I seriously can't believe that all this time is passing us by and that we no longer have "a baby".  

  • We finally got rid of the paci about 2 months ago. Thank the Lord!
  • She is talking a lot more now (hence the "no pacifier") and is definitely a little chatty Cathy. 
  • She weighs about 35 lbs. Big girl! 
  • We love, love, love her curly hair....seriously. 
  • Loves to swim and go down all the big slides at Schlitterbahn. Almost too brave in the water. I'm pretty sure she would go down the major rides if we let her. 
  • Madi loves to play with blocks and anything she can stack and/or organize. She really likes to sort things and do puzzles too. 
  • Her favorite thing to do is go out with Mommy and Daddy. Anytime she can get in the car and go somewhere she is happy. 
  • She makes us laugh. A lot. I wasn't expecting her to be so funny, but she is really developing a little personality and really enjoys when people laugh because she did something humorous. It's really funny to watch. She loves attention. 
  • Her favorite shows/movies are: Dragon Tales, Veggie Tales and Stuart Little. In fact, she watches Stuart Little every day. 
  • Madi is an adventurous, risk taker, loving, funny, joyful little girl. She is also head strong and hates being told no. She sits in time out quite often at home, but she always seems to dry up quickly and comes to tell us "Me no crying anymore." 

    I am so excited to see what the next 2 years brings us with Madison Joy.  We are so blessed. 

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