Monday, February 18, 2013

Soul Detox

January 1st I started the Soul Detox reading plan on You Version (Bible reading app). It was a great devotion and bible reading plan, but after 30 days it ended and I found myself wanting more.  Jason kept mentioning to me that I needed to read the book Soul Detox that it derived from. I knew it was something I needed to do, but kept putting it off for one reason or another.  I think I was in denial.

Saturday morning I woke up before everyone else and found it next to some of Jason's books.

I ended up reading half the book.  It was convicting and eye opening.  I started off thinking, "Oh I really don't have any big sins." You know, no drugs, alcohol, etc. And then I read this....

"Are you often consumed with fearful, worrisome thoughts, putting your faith in bad things happening rather than good?"

I humbly admit that yes, I do. I would like to think that I have great faith in most areas of my life, but when it comes down to it there is always that little part of me in the back of my mind, wandering if God will come through or not. Ouch. He then challenged us to look at every area in our lives that may feed those feelings. I honestly don't know what the one thing is, but I decided to do bit of a fast and create some space in my life to figure it out.

So, I have erased Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest off my phone. I left my Pages app because I do social media for our church and needed update that regularly. Everything else is gone and while it has been hard to not stay connected, I am finding myself thinking more about the things that go in my mind through out my day. I didn't erase my accounts. I am checking on my computer in the morning or night because I do have friends and family that contact me through these sites. However, my iPhone is so consuming and always just "right there". I want to truly detox my soul and I feel like this is where it starts.  

I am excited and feel like I am only making more room to hear from God and to focus on what He has called me to do. To be His child, a wife to my hard-working husband and a mom to my 3 beautiful and rambunctious kids.  There is so much that God is doing in our lives and every day I reminded that if we don't put Him first then it's just pointless.

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Dawn said...

Good for you. I removed my fb app about 2 years ago and have almost stopped using it altogether. I feel so much healthier! Also, I was away from Twitter for about a week and I found that I didn't even miss it really. The fact that you identify these things as detrimental to your walk with God is very mature. You're awesome!