Monday, February 04, 2013

Madison turns 2

Madison turned 2 this past Saturday. We celebrated by having a family over for dinner. We decided against doing a big birthday party this year. Partly because we are tightening our budget, but also because she is only 2. Shh...don't tell her. 

Unfortunately, I took no pictures, but I do have this video my mom took of us singing Happy Birthday to her. 

Madison Joy Powers 

You are now 2 years old.  I can not believe that my baby is growing up. My last baby. I could not be more grateful to be your Mommy. Here are some things that I love about you. 

You are funny. You always like to laugh and make people laugh. 
You are stubborn. I know that when you are older it will be hard,
 but it will also make you a great leader. 
You love pretty things, but you are not afraid to get dirty. 
You are fearless. I wish I was more like that. 
You have curly hair. Seriously. 
You love to eat anything and everything. 

Right now you are really into Elmo and watching Little Bill. 
You love to ride your tricycle outside with your brother and sister. 
You love putting makeup on...also peanut butter. :( 
You love to play with toys that let you organize and stack. 
You are really good at playing make believe. 
Your favorite drink is lemonade. 
Your favorite food is peanut butter sandwiches. 
Your favorite activity is taking a bath. You ask for one morning, noon and night.  

Here are a few pictures of Madi over the last few months. 

We love you Madi Joy. 

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