Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm beginning to wonder if I got my word of the year wrong.  Right now it seems like my patience is being tested on every level. Then again, that makes me wonder if my simplistic focus is...simply out of focus.

I knew when that word came to me I was asking for something.  God showed me that I can only serve him. Not people. Not busyness. Not expectations or outcomes.  Choosing to be simple means has meant 3 things for me the last couple of weeks.

1. Get up and read my bible. Because if I don't have His Word in me, I have nothing. I can't focus and I can't move forward.

2. Having a simplicity mindset doesn't mean you aren't busy. We are busy. Very busy. And right now everything we do seems important. However, there are some things that I am saying no to. Things that I love and that I really, REALLY want to do, but I am not because I know God is telling me to not do them. Taking them on would send me overboard. Sometimes you just have to know your limits.

3. On a very practical level: Being simple for me this week meant taking the kids to the library. Going to target and walking around eating popcorn. Using our free Children's Museum passes for an hour.  Those were low stress ways for me to get out of the house and not focus on stuff I can't change.

When my mind gets busy I am not being simple. I am finding this really hard though and it is testing my patience in a lot of areas. I am a doer and a fixer.  God is teaching me already to simply trust in Him.

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