Wednesday, February 20, 2013

President's Day and Routine

Jackson has off on Monday for President's Day. We spent the afternoon with Aaron, Bre and the kids at Landa Park and then off to dinner in Gruene. I love days like that and I love spending it with them. 

I love how much these boys love one another. Best friends. 

 We had so much fun at Landa Park on the swings. 

We've also spent the past few couple of weeks dealing with some parenting issues. The transition for Jackson has finally caught up to him and he's had a bit of a hard time adjusting. At school he is great, but at church he is tearful and gets nervous about going in. He's also had a bad attitude these days. I had lunch with a church friend last week who is also a principal at an elementary school here in NB and she gave us some great advice.  At school he has a controlled environment. At church, he gets there before anyone else and there are new kids coming in every week.  Something is always changing because we are growing. Good for us...hard for him.  After talking with her and then talking with him, Jackson needs major routine right now. The days of going to get treats after school and to the park are on hold. Right now, it's all about going straight home, eating a snack and having 30 min. of quiet time. I've already seen a huge difference in his attitude as well.

Also, there is Madi. She's 2. So, there's that... ;-) 

Other than that it's just been a week of playing in the garage, riding bikes in the cul-de-sac and snuggling.  

Lots of stuff going on at the church too.  We are starting our Women's Ministry and I'm excited about getting more women plugged in. I love seeing how our people are passionate about going deeper with Jesus and they are really doing whatever it takes. Even when it means saying NO to our flesh.  If you are in the area come join us on Sunday's. Jesus is doing something very real. It's exciting, humbling and overwhelming all at the same time!

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