Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reagan turns 3

I am also late on this post...but, what the heck...I'll post it anyway! Ha.

Reagan turned 3 last month. :) I've been waiting forever for this day! ;-) 

  • Reagan weighs 35 lbs. Another big girl!
  • She's potty trained! Yay! 
  • Reagan is in our Mother's Day Out program at River City and loves learning. 
  • She loves to color with markers (only), loves everything princess, likes to do things her way (only), loves spaghetti, apple juice, peanut butter, her Lukie,  playing with Jackson & Madi, being in charge, McDonald's, going shopping with mommy, painting her nails, makeup, playing outside, and making sure that she has her hair done by (only) her daddy. Notice all the "only"? ;-)
I love the way Reagan is so passionate about everything she does. From the way she loves her siblings, her daddy, her baby dolls to the way she is so particular about how she does things. She is super smart. Too smart if you know what I mean. She is very much my little leader and is already proving that she will make a way for herself one day. She could also care less what other people think and I think THAT IS FANTASTIC. I adore that characteristic in her. I wish I could be more like that!

I love that she loves to snuggle, pray and have me sing to her every night. I love that she is the ultimate "girl" and can't wait to do lots of girly things with her as she gets older!

She is our little princess that I thank God for her every single day. So humbled to be her mommy! I know that God will use her in so many amazing ways. He already is!

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Jennifer C said...

And I love this girl too...but not nearly as much as my son!! ;-)