Monday, July 11, 2011


While we were in Dallas Jason and I had a week to spend together pretty much 24/7 and really were able to talk and focus on some things that we don't always get to talk about. I had been feeling led to pray about some things and was really sensing some things on my heart. It seemed like a great week to get these things out in the open. It's just like God that He was laying the same things on Jason's heart. The words that I keep hearing from the Lord have been "Discipline" and "Boldness". At the beginning of this year it was "Focus". It still is in some ways, but I know that because of that focus I have been able to see and hear what the Lord wants from me. Now I know. I must be bold and discipline my flesh. It's not an easy thing to do for me. I react out of fear most times and give in to the things that aren't great for me or push aside the things that are. So, after spending some time (and still am) denying the flesh, I heard from God. We both did.

Jason and I have decided to sale our Ford Focus. We bought a used Expedition before Madi came along after both feeling that we needed more room for our family. Our Focus would not fit 3 car seats. So, we found a great deal on it from a friend at church and bought it, but we now had 2 cars. It did seem like the most practical thing for us to have 2 cars at the time. Besides, sometimes you feel weird for saying "yeah, we're a one car family". But why? That's dumb. Most people have 2 cars, but we had one car for years and did just fine because we both work at the same place. We are 6 minutes from home and ride together on the weekends anyway. It may not seem like a big deal to most of you. Selling a car? Big deal. I figure when God tells you to do something, it's big no matter what it is. We feel God leading us in this to make room for some things He wants us to do. If you remember my post from a couple of months ago about feeling an urgency to do something...I think this all goes together somehow.

His word says to trust and obey. He will take care of the rest.

Trust and obey.
Be bold.
Discipline your life so that He can work.

So, after praying and seeking it's up for sale. We also feel the Lord leading us to ask for a certain amount. Definitely being bold here. :)

We'll see what happens.

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