Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My List

My list for my house never ends. However, I am determined to make these things happen....

1. Red front door. Everyone is doing it. I need to get with the picture.

2. Landscaping. I've got the green grass in the front so far...yay!!!

3. White kitchen cabinets. My dream. I KNOW I can make this happen. Also, I adore the "Yummy" sign and especially love the baskets and open cabinet space. Love, love, love this kitchen.
4. Paint my coffee table black. Jenn said she will help me. I'm not afraid to remind her. ;)

5. Paint Jackson's room. I already have the paint. Yes, I know...

6. New light fixtures in bathroom and add molding to mirror for an instant improvement
There are more, but I realize that in the grand scheme of things this 'stuff' doesn't really matter. We have a wonderful home that our kids love to play in and have the blessing to grow up in. If none of this ever happened, I wouldn't care. We are blessed and thank God every day.

I still want that red front door though. ;-)

1 comment:

Jennifer C said...

Ha ha ha! Next week...let's make it happen...and let's do the door too!! xoxo