Monday, June 20, 2011

A week in the Hill Country

We house sat last week for our friends Willy & Rachel. They live out in the Hill Country and we love their house, so we took them up on it and said yes. I ended up getting sick, blah, but it was still really relaxing and fun to go out there. The kids loved the hot tub and being outside.

They were mad when we left. Especially because they got to play however long they wanted to and run around wherever they wanted to. They would probably get hit by cars on our street. It was a treat. ;-)
We sat on their deck almost every night...even when I got sick. Jason was definitely relaxed....and on his phone. I have a habit of teasing him about his phone..of course, that's how I took this picture. ha!
And seriously, the sunsets. Wow. Such an enjoyable week. Loving our summer.

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Jennifer C said...

We loved it too!! :)