Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm home sick today. I have some sort of cold/flu...except by the way I woke up you would think I was dying. Jason says I am dramatic. Whatever.

I keep replaying some things in my mind. Like...

I have a lot to do.
I should probably take a shower.
I really want some chocolate covered raisins.
When is nap time?
I need a hair cut.
I can't breathe.
Am I dying?
Stop being dramatic.
I like the color pink a lot.
I need to do yard work.
I just need to get serious about it.
There is no food in my house.
I should go to HEB.
My head hurts.
I need some new music.
And movies.
I love movies.
Reagan is about to send me over the edge.
It needs to rain.
I'm going to pray...
Oh dang it, I forgot to call that lady.

This is pretty much what goes through my mind when I sit alone.

Sad, I know.

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Francesca Watson said...

Hey... how come you're typing what's in my head??! LOL!