Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The random things I love.

I love random posts. They actually show who you actually are. So I thought I'd just do a random post about the things I love. Some of the things I use right now and some of the things, I'd like to use...or have. :)

For example, this...

I use this stuff all the time. I will venture outside of Covergirl often, but I always go back to it. Love, love, love.

My hair has gotten pretty long these days. I was having a horrific time combing it out after my showers and I felt like I was using a ton of conditioner. Problem is, while I have a lot of hair, it's super fine. So, I don't like using a lot of conditioner that will make my hair oily. Instead, I bought this and use it on the ends. I love it.
these. love them. So, so very much.

Don't I need this chair from Anthropologie? Gasp. Love.
I have been looking for a cute maxi dress that would fit my body. I love this one from Old Navy. I do NOT look good in the v-neck style. This one comes in lots of sizes...but best of all, it comes "tall". You seriously have no idea how hard it is for me to find clothes for my 5'10 frame. I am tall & not a size 6. I love the top of this dress, the waist of this dress...all of it.

And while I would never wear (well, because it's a romper), I would totally put my girls in it. :) And it's on sale for $10 at Old Navy. I may need to get them matching ones!

So many things to love.


Phelps said...

I love love love the chair and dress from Old Navy!

Jennifer C said...

That chair!! So cute!! I love it. :)