Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Las Vegas & other things

Las Vegas. Thank you for hosting Women of Faith. Women of Faith...THANK YOU FOR HOSTING US!!!

Wow. What an incredible time it was. Women of Faith gave us such an incredible gift. I have to admit that I was more moved by them more than I ever expected to be. A much needed time away.

Jackson's 5th birthday is coming up. I don't even know how to process this. I feel like locking every door and never letting him go to school. I know that would be bad and really unhealthy, but it just seems so crazy to me that he is going to be going to kindergarten. Especially when that means that I'm going to be getting older every year. ;-) I sure do love this boy.
In all seriousness, he will love school. Just like I did. Well, if he's like me it will be more about the "friends" than the "learning" part he will love. I don't even want to think about what that will look like for Reagan. Lord, help us all...

May is a very busy month for us, but I am so blessed to see God moving around and in me. I've been so convicted about some things lately. I want to share them, but I need some more time to process them. God is definitely giving me a new perspective on some things in life. My ultimate take away is that it's ALL FOR HIM. My dreams and hopes are nothing if they are not His dreams and hopes for me. I'll hopefully share more soon...if I get the courage.

In the meantime, here is my lesson of the week that I leave you with.

*Keep an eye on these 2. They are likely to steal your chocolate bunnies and eat them in hiding. :)


Jennifer C said...

Ha ha!!:)

Amy said...

LOL! I want to be Reagan's kinder teacher someday. I bet she's gonna be a great leader!

Amy said...

BTW, not that I wouldn't want to be Jackson or Madison's teacher someday either...Regan just reminds me of Emily :-)