Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be careful what you pray for. ;)

We went to Guadalupe State Park yesterday with Aaron & Bre. Love my family. I love that we all consider each other friends and not "just family".

It was Madi's first trip to the river. It's memories like this that I will cherish forever...
I was talking to Pastor Sean today and telling him how I prayed for each of my children when I was pregnant. It was amazing to me how God gave me exactly what I prayed for.

Madi Joy. I prayed for joy and peace. Her first day at the River was pretty much that...and really every day. She is my joy and peace.
Reagan Elizabeth. My leader. Boy...did he come through on that one! And, of course, we can't have a picture on here without Reagan crying. She was mad that there was no mustard on her sandwich. Poor child (ha!)...but seriously a leader. One day she'll learn to channel all of that to what God calls her to do. Praying her strong desire to demand will one day bring Godly leadership & vision to others....
Jackson David. That he would have a heart & passion for God, music and people. (Seriously, in that order too) My fun, loving boy. Always up for a day of fun. Always willing to smile and lend a helping hand. Always ready to be with people and a strong desire to know God's word...My little worship rockstar. ;)
The responsibility is heavy on us. We prayed for these things and now we must teach them and let God lead the way. Being a parent may not be easy all the time, but the fruit of my children's lives will be rewarding & exciting to watch.

What a miracle it is to see how God has worked through those prayers. So blessed.

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Phelps said...

I love this post! and I love your kids :)