Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jackson turns 5

Today Jackson turned 5 years old. Last night we sat on my bed talking about how it felt like we just brought him home. I told him how proud of him I was. His daddy talked about how he used to put him in bed with us every morning at 6am. We told him how we prayed for him to love music and to have a heart for God. When we woke up this morning I found him in his room already dressed, playing with his Buzz and new Build-a-bear. He was ready for his 5th birthday. He was ready to celebrate.
Jackson graduating Pre-K on Thursday

Mommy has not been ready to celebrate. My heart somewhat dropped when I realized he was turning 5. 5 is only 5 years away from 10. "5" means Kindergarten. "5" means XS in the BOYS section! "5" means...big boy.


Jackson getting his new bike today

I love my Jackson. I love his joyful life. His passion to learn God's word. His love for people, his toys, sonic drinks, taking baths, his cousins, his sisters, his daddy. I love that he loves me. I love our trips to Heb, the dollar store, Target. I love that he loves spaghetti and cucumbers...and juice boxes. I love that he loves birthday's and wants to celebrate...even when I have to talk to him a million times about not having to have presents. ;-) I love that he's mine.

Jackson turning 5 is just another reminder that God is good and that God loves. Jackson blesses me everyday.

Happy Birthday, Jackson David. Happy Birthday.


Amy said...

Jackson has such an amazing heart. You have one very special boy there :-)

Aaron + Breanna said...

I love Jackson! He's truly an amazing little boy and we are all so blessed that he's such a huge part of our lives. We love you, Jackson!