Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Randomness plus a little bit of crazy

Jackson has his preschool graduation next week. I've already cried 4 times this week thinking about him starting kindergarten.

Madi is the best baby ever.

Reagan is seriously going to make me stronger woman. I keep telling myself all the good things that will come out of raising her. Of course, my hopes and prayers are that she is one of those "good things".

I really do love Reagan. :)

I am really loving the Hillsong United album, "Aftermath". Check it out. It's good.

I love my friends. A lot.

My grandparents keep asking me to record a song for them. Before they die. They actually used those words. So, now I feel bad. It'd probably be fun to to do that though.

I rearranged again. But this time it's staying. I mean that.

Kind of.

I really love my kids.

I really love my church.

But I REALLY love and adore my husband.

God is so good. He is above all else.

I have been having the creative itch like crazy.

Cooking has become my friend. I have 4 new recipes I must share with you soon. Also, I am joining a cooking group that my neighbor is hosting!!

I quite watching American Idol. I'm mad at America.

I'm teaching voice lessons again.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Laugh at yourself for dancing.

The end.

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