Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My friend and my random thoughts.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to host a lunch at our house for our church staff. We spend the most time with them, so why not eat together. Around the beginning of the week I began to panic a little because I realized that my body isn't what is used to be (being in my 3rd trimester) and just mopping my floors required me to take 2 hour breaks, watching Sweet Home Alabama, in between chores. I paused it somewhere around the "You have a baby...In a bar..." line and moved onto my bathrooms. I was totally exhausted and that's when I called Jenn.

Jennifer Conant is queen domestic. She has 4 kids. She cooks. And boy can she decorate. I knew she didn't have too much going on with the rest of her life and asked her to come over and help me Friday morning. Everyone needs a friend who shows up at your house with a basket of pumpkins, a crock pot and table decorations and her hair in a bun. Buns = this woman is ready to work. I should know. Every Saturday morning I come out of my bedroom like that and Jason freaks out. I am not sure what I would have done with out Jenn's help. On top of that, she wanted to make 4 pies for our staff. Seriously.

Since Thanksgiving is this week, I decided that we would serve chili, tamales & queso and all the fixins that go along with it. The pies were a HUGE hit and everyone stayed about 2 hours. Some longer. I ended up going to serve the homeless that night with our church. I didn't want to go because I was so exhausted, but was so glad I did. My mother-in-law and I almost went to jail over having her camera there, but nonetheless, it was a great time.

There really is no moral to this story. Just the fact that I had to share how awesome Jennifer is and how everyone had a great time...and then how I served the homeless. Random.

More random thoughts:

I love having people over to my house.
I wish I had taken pictures of everything.
This peppermint mocha with soy milk that I am drinking is delicious.

Breanna always says a post is better with a picture. And since you can't get any more random than this, enjoy. :)


Jennifer C said...

You are so sweet! Thanks you friend...love you!

Marie said...

How sweet...she is a great friend indeed. I'm blessed to have her as my sister in law. LOVE the picture!

Dawn said...

yum. tamales & queso.