Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Stretch

I'll be 31 weeks on Friday. Insane.

This 3rd trimester so far has been pretty good. Despite the back pain that I have every day, I must admit that I am a lucky girl. With Jackson I had horrible acid reflux. I haven't really had much of that this time around. I have gained 19 lbs so far. I only gained 20 and 25 lbs with the other 2, but I have a feeling that I am going to be closer to 30 when it is all said and done. I never factored in the holiday treats coming my way. The Starbucks they are building nearby doesn't help my case. I haven't really been craving thins like crazy. I love cold drinks, specifically Sonic peach tea. I love breakfast tacos, green apples and yogurt. Nothing too "fun" or out there. I love feeling her move. That is my favorite thing about pregnancy and the only thing I will miss! My hair is getting really long and thick. I love that! Monday morning I am spoiling myself with a 1 hour prenatal massage. I am so excited. I had this done with Jack once and it was awesome.

We have NOTHING done for the baby. Absolutely nothing. We are going to have Reagan and her share a room eventually, so this week I will buying paint and Jason will be putting up the crib. I have zero clothes ready and I really need to purchase a pack 'n play. I also need to make room for this baby. Our 3 bedroom house seems so small all of a sudden, but I keep reminding myself that when I was a kid with 4 other siblings, we shared a 2 bedroom apartment. Things could be worse and it doesn't mean you need a 4000 sq. ft. home. Good perspective.

I feel like my thoughts are totally random, but I don't want to forget to document this pregnancy.

Some questions you may have:

What is her name?
I have no idea. We had settled on Madison, but all I am going to say never know. I think we are all going to be surprised the day she arrives. :)

Any more children after this?
I can't believe people ask this when you are in the middle of your pregnancy, but it seems to be a common question. NO.
We will not have any more after this. I love children. I am so blessed that God is giving me 3. I admire and respect all of you who have more, but pregnancy and me don't go together. I feel totally and 100% complete. I didn't feel that with 2, but I definitely do with this one. All in all, I we have decided that this will be it. Even more reason to enjoy this pregnancy. :)

How do you work and have kids?
I love my job. I love that it's flexible and allows me to be a mom. I love working for our church and doing ministry with my husband! After the baby arrives I am going to down to 20 hours a week. It will definitely be less than I am doing now and I feel great about that. I have never had a conviction that I needed to be a stay at home mom. I have truly prayed about this and sought the Lord, and I have felt like this is my calling. I feel that I have been called to be both a mommy and to use my gifts as a worship leader/creative arts minister. I recognize also that I am in a very unique situation and that the environment at River City allows me to do something a lot of places don't. I brought my babies to work and yes, that's pretty unusual! God is very good to me and I feel total peace about what I do.

I rambled a lot, but I woke up at 5 am this morning. I am sure this will catch up with me.

And since babies are on my mind...


gina.snow said...

I love this pic :o)

Phelps said...

Love the new blog, love you!

Amy Davis said...

Wow, 31 weeks! That's amazing! Don't forget that Emily is ready to spend some quality time with Reagan whenever you need her to. Same goes for Kyle and Ethan with Jackson :-). Emily and Reagan share a kindred spirit I think. Both a little strong willed, middle child, girls, loving, beautiful, precious and did I mention strong???

Dawn said...

I love the picture, and your random thoughts are my favorite. :)