Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angry Turkey & a little Christmas.

That kind of sounds like a line from Elf. Except there were no angry turkey's. Only angry elves.

Today was Jackson and Reagan's Thanksgiving Feast. I was so proud of my 2 turkey's. It was a great break from the insane week that I am having. I think it finally hit me that December is, oh wait, in 14 days. Yes, that's right. 14 Days. And see, Christmas doesn't start on December 24th for me. It starts....3 months ago.

So, here I go. Ready to take on this Holiday season and NOT freak out...and do it while being in my 3rd trimester.

However, I have to remind myself why I do this.

Not because I love it. (And I do)
Not because someone told me to.
Not because it will make me look good.
Not because I need something from it.

I do it because it will bring glory to God. I don't arrange Christmas songs just because they sound pretty, but because of the hope that it will touch someones life. I don't spend endless hours researching creative elements because it would be a cool touch. I do it because it could change someones life. I don't pull my hair out working with 200 yards of cheesecloth for the stage design just because I want it to be cool snowy effect. I do it because excellence in our stage is a first impression and should not be a distraction. Ultimately, it could lead them to a lifetime of Jesus.

So, it's all worth it.

The Christmas Spirit is officially here.


Aaron + Breanna said...

LOVE your post about why you do what you do, and I LOOOOVE that picture of Reagan. Oh my gosh, it made me laugh out loud!

Brittney said...

Being her teacher, I'm glad to see that she is still wearing her hat and it hasn't become trash due to the mood swing. :-) Very cute!

Amy Davis said...

Reagan's face in this picture is priceless...I wish I could read her mind. You can tell that those things are done by someone who trusts in God and listens to His voice-- because they make an impact. Love you!

Dawn said...

such a cute picture!! one for the books.