Thursday, October 07, 2010

Our newest addition

So I have a lot of things to post about. Earlier it was Reagan turning 2 and now here I am telling you about our new


Can you tell I'm excited!?

Last Sunday, we drove this home.
For a year we have been seeking God about a new car. Before I got pregnant it wasn't that big of a deal, but I felt God speaking to me about what it means to come before him with our needs. So I did. And for awhile I saw nothing. Back in May, I found out I was pregnant again and new that we would really need a 2nd car..or something bigger. However, we did not want to get in a hard place financially and kill ourselves while paying for something we can't afford. No bueno.

So, I continued to pray knowing that God would provide and that there could be worse things in life. A few weeks ago we went to dinner at our friends house. They had this lovely thang...(yes, I said and meant thang) sitting out front with a for sale sign on it. We asked what they were wanting for it and went on our merrily way because we knew we probably couldn't do that. They asked Jason if he wanted to drive it. Jason did. Of course...but then we went home and dreamed that one day we would find something like that. The next day I was driving in my neighborhood and felt God specifically say, go home and ask me for what you need. Now, I know that this is not always the case. I know that sometimes God has other desires for us and other things to learn, but in this case I felt like I had to ask...and so I did.

We received a phone call that night saying they wanted to make a deal with us and offered us the Expedition at an amazing price. They basically gave it to us and now I am feeling so overwhelmingly blessed by what God has done for us. We pay off our HUGE student loan in November and will be able to get this baby paid for too (the actual baby that I am growing..not the car. The car's name is thang. Remember?) I am so excited and I LOVE IT.

The Lord is so good. He is showing me so much right now in my life. I still have doubts about things, but my faith is being stretched to a new place. I know he will provide no matter what.


Aaron + Breanna said...

What an amazing blessing! I love your new "thang", and you look SO good driving it. Isn't it awesome how God always takes care of our needs and even goes above and beyond sometimes to give us something we'll LOVE? You could've been given a used old mini-van, but instead you got a rockin' SUV with leather interior and a sunroof. So happy for you guys!!

Jennifer C said...

So, so, so excited for you guys!!! I'm thinking roadtrip!! LOL :)