Thursday, October 07, 2010

Reagan & Luke's Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated Reagan turning 2 and on Saturday she had a shared birthday party with Luke Conant. Her best friend/boyfriend, even though she is like 5 inches taller than him.

Reagan, it was always a problem for me too, honey. Just hold out and maybe he'll grow to be 6'3 like your daddy...or you just have to be content marrying someone short cause you WILL marry into the Conant Family. ;)

Their 2nd Birthday was celebrated at McDonald's this year. By far the EASIEST and most relaxing party I have ever done. Ever. It was such a blessing to do it with friends that we love. Reagan was so cute in her cute little outfit, Jenn's mother-in-law made. Her and Luke's outfits coordinated!! Is that not adorable?

I love their faces.
So, now I have a 2 year old. And the 2's are in full swing. She is still my sweet girl, but she is also my independent "I'll do it my way and if I don't I'll throw a fit" girl.


Jennifer C said...

Since Jason is our pastor maybe he could anoint Luke with oil and pray over him to grow big and tall. :)
I LOVED planning the party with you too!! It was a great for the kids and fun for the mamas too!! :) xoxo

Phelps said...

They could not have been any cuter! So big and adorable!