Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little bit of our summer

We took a little summer vacation last week. We actually didn't leave San Antonio, but it was still fun and we did it together. That's all that really matters anyway. :)

*Jason and I took a Sunday off and had tickets to Schlitterbahn. We dropped the kids off and headed to New Braunfels with our friends, The Conants. I love it there. I really would love to see our family living there one day. We ended up staying at a Bed & Breakfast in the town square and ate dinner at the amazing Huisache Grill . It was a much needed night away for us. We had a lot of fun at Schlitterbahn. I couldn't ride much because I'm pregnant, but any time in the water is fun. The B&B was awesome and the company was even better.

*Tuesday, we spent the day at Landa Park, rode the train and headed to BJ's for dinner. I was determined not to cook. If we were going to do a stay-cation, then I was not cooking!

*Jason was up to preach on Sunday (and he did AWESOME, BTW!), so Wednesday was spent with me cleaning and he working on his message. Kids & Jason got haircuts and we ended the day having dinner at Canyon Cafe in the Quarry and Orange Cup for dessert. It was Jason's first time to try Orange Cup. If you haven't, be sure to go today. It will change your frozen-yogurt life.
I love our little family and thank God for them every day. After this baby comes I am planning a trip for Jason & I to go to the East Coast. I think by then we will deserve it.


Jennifer C said...

Sign us up for the East Coast...we will start saving now. :) Do you like how I am just inviting us to go on your vacation...LOL :)

Amy Davis said...

I'm glad you got to get away!!! Where are you thinking about going on the east coast??? I haven't been to a beach there in a long time, but there are sooo many pretty ones! If you need any ideas, let me know ;-)

Phelps said...

Jackson and Jason look so much alike with their hair cuts!