Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today was just one of those days that I wanted to pull my hair out and eat a cupcake.

So I did.

A Coconut Cream Cupcake to be exact.

And I dont' care that it totally messed my Weight Watchers goal for the week. I. DON'T. CARE.

Part of the reason that I had to eat 320 calories in one sitting (I'm guessing) is because of this child....

She looks sweet. But don't let her deceive you. This girl KNOWS what she is doing. Oh she knows.

Today she....
*screamed in my office until I saw people putting on their headphones to drown her out and I left. (VERY embarrassing, btw.)
*threw herself on the floor when I wouldn't give her chocolate and bruised her leg.
*cried the entire way home because she didn't have lemonade...because I gave her juice...deprived child, I tell you.
*pushed Jackson out of the way so she could ONLY watch Veggie Tales.
*screamed all day.
*cried all day.
*told me no.
*went to bed at 6:30. Okay that was because I made her.

I seriously have run out of options in how to discipline her and have started seeking counsel. I have told her no a million times, put her in timeout (which can be somewhat effective for her) and have had to use other forms of discipline as well. :) I'm serious, nothing has worked. What's hard is that although she understand everything she is not at the age where I can "reason" with her or talk it out. She's smart though. I think she knows that too. I have not given up though. I refuse. I even looked at her today and said, "Who's the boss? Mommy's the boss!" Ha. It sounds funny, I know.

This is what she did when I left her alone to play. And I am not joking when I say it was less than 6.5 minutes. I'm serious. Totally.

I know this is a stage, but Jackson was never like this. Ahhh....HELP! (No, really...)


momofmiageorge said...

Natalie - that was my yesterday with Evelyn! It must be something with the weather or that they want to show us how strong willed they actually are. The only book that has really helped me with my other two girls is Love and Logic for Parents by Jim Fay. I think I'm going to revisit it tonight. :) Praying for you!

Amy Davis said...

I feel your pain...ahhh the strong willed girl... Some day she will be an amazing leader! Keep your eyes on that, have a cupcake or two and while you run the vacuum or listen to your ipod at a deafening volume let the girl scream until she runs out of steam. The vacuum thing has saved my sanity many a time :)

Aaron + Breanna said...

You're doing a great job, even when you don't feel like it, so just keep up the consistency and eat some more cupcakes :) You're a great mom!

Phelps said...

She needs her auntie Terra! She is missing me so much! Better keep eating cupcakes till I get there....and you better keep sharing them with her! haha!

Kara said...

Hooray cupcakes!!!