Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday was our day off. I love Monday's off.

I made pancakes and bacon. We took the morning slow. Around 11:00 we loaded up the kids and went to get me a new phone. I happen to be horrible with phones....and mine broke...again. No comments please.

So, off we went. Jason somehow talked me into him giving me his Palm Pre (Sprint) and he got the new Google Phone. The rest of the day we didn't speak....

And that's because he was consumed with his new phone. I told him he was allowed one day. I won't tell you what he said back. :) It was like having a new baby for him. Except it doesn't cry. Or throw up on you. Instead it's just...well, amazing. And I can't believe I let him talk me into it. Whatever.

The rest of the day I did 20 loads of laundry and organized the kids clothes. Reagan went to timeout 10 times and I drove myself to get a Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-a to calm my nerves.

I was supposed to meet up that night with Jenn for coffee at B & N , but unfortunately started feeling horrible with a headache and called it a night. I was bummed about not getting a kid free night!

When I went to bed, Jason was still playing with his phone. Reagan was asleep (enough said). And the clothes were clean. I woke up this morning and somehow there was another load of laundry already and Reagan went to timeout the first hour she was up.

Hello Tuesday!


Jennifer C said...

I was yelling (LOUDLY) and pulling children off of each other by 8:45 this morning...we need a vacation!! ;)

Jason said...

Wow. That's not at all how I remembered the day... woke up, enjoyed a cup of coffee and a slow morning at home, we both got something new (your was new to you, and in decidedly better shape than what you had), we shared a meal together for dinner...

But you were absolutely right about the screaming kids. I almost fed Reagan to Jack for dinner. Lucky for her, he's not much of a meat eater.

<3. You were also correct about my phone. It is awesome to the infinityith power. Cubed.