Friday, May 21, 2010

How do you clean?

Earlier this week I asked for parenting advice...and here I am now asking for cleaning advice. This may be a dumb post, but I'm curious as to how people clean their homes. Do they do it everyday? What do you use to clean? Etc.

As a mom of 2 and also working from 9 - 2, my house gets overlooked at times. I wouldn't say that I am a messy person, but my house is not ever immaculate looking. However, it aggravates me when it isn't.

A few things I do every morning to make it look "clean" are...

*make my bed every morning.
*pick up the living room.
*put dishes in sink.
*clean the kitchen table.
*sweep my kitchen.

I'm really bad about not folding laundry right away. And I'm even worse about not picking up "stacks" of things I have piled in our room.

I usually spend my Saturday's cleaning my house. So at least for 4 days everything is clean until life happens again. :) I clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, kids rooms, vacuum, clean floors, dust...and all that jazz. I love 409, Green Works (from clorox) spray, Comet, Costco Cleaning Wipes (because you get a huge amount), Orange Pledge and anything that has a lemon smell. I also love lighting candles and listening to music while I clean. It makes the experience better for me. For some odd reason I really enjoy cleaning because it feels productive. But sometimes I can get obsessive about it, but that's probably a character flaw having something to do with control. :)

So, this may be a really random post, but I would like to know what you do. Does it make a difference when you are a stay at home mom? Do you fall behind when you are always busy? Or do you keep on top of it because you are obsessed? :) Be honest.


Aaron + Breanna said...

Well, your post is eye opening because I have absolutely no system or schedule. I think it's actually worse that I'm a stay at home mom. Well, maybe that's because I work at home. In seasons where I don't have much work, I'm actually really good about staying on top of things. I rarely make my bed and I am terrible at putting laundry away. I'm good at keeping the dishes clean and sweeping. I use the term "good at" very loosely. I am a very bad housekeeper, so I look forward to hearing everyone elses methods. :) Sorry for offering you absolutely zero practical advice. I love lemon pledge though! LOL

lani said...

i think being a stay at home mom makes things worse when it comes to cleaning, cause i'm around my house ALL THE TIME so i can't ever get away from mess. i too am a bit of a control freak, and like things to be kept in an orderly fashion. so that means i pretty much "tidy up" all the time. i'm a big fan of cleaning things ASAP and not having them sit around..for example dishes. with just a little bit more energy than it takes to just put the dish in the sink you can rinse it when you are done and put it in the dishwasher and then not have to look at it anymore. (then once the dishwahser is full go ahead and run it) thats kinda how i deal with stuff. just take care if it when it happens. then it doesnt pile up and become a huge mess that takes a whole day to do. as far as laundry i designate one day: mondays. thats laundry day. of course if there are spills that come up on other days i'll do it then too, but i like to have pretty much most of it done on mondays then we have clothes for the rest of the week. i've tried to become less of a neat freak, but i confess, it just isnt gonna happen!

Phelps said...

I have a problem! haha! but atleast I know it. Want to eat off my could! :)