Friday, April 09, 2010

Sick Day

Reagan woke up yesterday throwing up...all over my car. Ick.

I thought she was better, but apparently not after she threw up all over my nicely folded laundry.

3 loads later...

Here I am. Sitting at home with her and Jackson. It's kind of nice though. I'm not doing anything. I'm too tired to start really doing anything major because when I start she cries.

So I'll just sit here. Breathe deeply. Eat tuna sandwiches with Jack. Drink Iced Tea. Watch New Moon.

That's it.

All the laundry I did.
Reagan's "bed" for the day.
Jackson's spot. And today I just don't care that the t.v. hasn't gone off.

1 comment:

Phelps said...

I hope you dont all start getting sick and Reagan feels better! Enjoy your day relaxing. I will call you soon. Meghan went home last night and Bryan and me are still in Minneapolis doing our bday weekend. I miss you so much my dear friend!