Thursday, April 08, 2010

This week...

So, this has been an interesting week. A good week, all in all. I'm going to be a little long in my post.

Monday I had to sing at a funeral for a little girl in our congregation. Kelly Lewis. She was 11 and had been on dialysis for 8 years. She was so sweet. So inspiring. It was, by far, the hardest thing I've ever had to do. EVER. I can't imagine having bury my little girl and to be honest with you, I had to stare at the back wall the entire time. Good thing I did because I lost it when I left. Completely. Jason was a pallbearer and I know it took a toll on him too.

This picture....
Well, the little girl (to the right, in pink) is Katy. Katy is Kelly's sister and she spent Easter with us. I was so glad she was with us. She got to just be a kid. Hang with friends. Hunt Easter eggs. Be a kid. I am not sure she is processing everything completely yet, but I hope we can be there for her.

Here's the rest of my week..

Tuesday I worked.
Tuesday night I stayed home and did nothing, but enjoy time with my sweet girl.
Watched Sherlock Holmes.
Wednesday I had off. Sean (my pastor) forced me. Thank you, Sean! :)
Ironed all our clothes for the week. I'm weird.
More yard work.
Wednesday night we went to IHop. Kids eat free.
Enjoyed my family.
Today I drove to work.
Reagan threw up all over herself.
Went back home.
Reagan slept.
Was totally fine after that.
Came back to work.
Jason stayed with Reagan.
Was surprised with a Sonic Peach Tea (unsweetened with extra ice) from a friend.
Ate popcorn.

Now...getting ready for practice and SOOOO thankful that my week was a bit of a "down" week for me.

I can now breathe. All is well.

Have I ever mentioned that I love chocolate covered raisins. Just a fun fact about me. :)

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