Monday, April 12, 2010

Superhero & BBQ Day!

This Saturday was Aaron & Bre's big moving day to their new home on the Northwest side of San Antonio. I told Bre that I would watch the kids so they could get everything done and Jason went to go and help move. We had such a great time together. Abby helped me clean my house (she asked), disinfect toys (from Reagan being sick) and we painted our nails together. Sometime during that morning, Amanda surprised the kids with a HUGE box of superhero costumes that she found at a garage sale for $10!!! FANTASTIC!!!

All morning they saved the world and played outside. :)

That afternoon we went to a "Thank you" party for a young woman that we have been praying for this year. Last year, right before Easter, she was in a horrible car accident and was basically told that she would never walk, talk or think for herself again. Miraculously, because God is an amazing God, she is beating the odds and is making huge progress. She is already able to communicate by writing words down on paper. Her parents wanted to throw a party at the old Wetmore Store BBQ restaurant for all the people who've supported and prayed for her. Super nice! We had a blast, ate some good food and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

So glad I could spend some time with Abby & Carson. We are so happy for Aaron & Bre and are excited to see what God does for them.

This truly cracks me up.
All the kids.
He's shooting a web. Very scary...
I just liked this face.
Fun, fun, fun.


Callie said...

What a great reason to celebrate!

Aaron + Breanna said...

The kids had so much fun and Abby is still talking about it!