Monday, April 19, 2010

My Birthday Week...(I'm a dork)

And I don't care if that sounds prideful!!!

Ha ha. Actually, it is a little weird for me to say that. But, then again, why not be excited to celebrate another year? You only live once! My birthday is not until Wednesday though.

So, I'm a big dork.

However, I have already gotten to celebrate it 3 times!

Again, big dork.

BTW, I found something else I love......
.....more on it later. :)


Amy Davis said...

Birthdays are FUN!!! It doesn't matter how old you is a day(or week lol)to celebrate your beautiful life and all of the blessings God has bestowed upon you :). ENJOY!

Phelps said...

For some reason I cant get the picture to come up! What do you love?!?!

Phelps said...

Lucky Lady! Awesome! Ill call you tomorrow to hear all about it!

Callie said...

Kitchen Aid Mixers are the best! I use mine almost daily.