Friday, April 16, 2010

This week...

This Week...

-no one got sick. :)
-lead worship for prayer night with my hubby. i love doing ministry together.
-rearranged my bedroom. i'm officially crazy.
-went to lunch with a friend.
-experienced a great amount of fear.
-conquered it.
-saw god's amazing and miraculous provision for our family!
-was excited about ministry.
-went to small group and ate too much.
-was convicted.
-went to lunch with my mom.
-had a "last minute" girls night with the worship team ladies at Macaroni Grill.
-hugged my husband for more than 4 seconds.
-was challenged.
-went to HEB only one time. a new record for me.
-was blown away by my son's heart for worshipping Jesus.
-drank more water.
-wished (once again) for a trip to any place with clear water and white sand.

Twas a good week. I'm a little tired today. We were going to plan a last minute trip to Corpus, but this weather is not ideal. Guess we'll just sit inside, watch movies and lay low. Equally as good.

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