Friday, April 02, 2010

I'm here...somewhere

This has pretty much been a crazy week.


Okay, there, I said it...

I screamed it too. :)

It really was a crazy, busy week.
Monday - blogged about that already.

Tuesday - started on stage design for Easter. (So thankful for friends who help me during my crazy times.) Lead worship at prayer night where I pretty much decided to sit on a stool and sing. It was nice though. I can still worship and sit on a stool. God still loves me.

Wednesday - shopped for more fabric, went to Hobby Lobby, cashed checks, went grocery shopping with both kiddos, picked up Jason, had 35 people at our house for small group (kids make up the most), went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink ...cause at that point I couldn't stand any longer.

Thursday - went to work late....:) , stage, stage, stage, stage, lunch with hubby (awww....), fed kids dinner, practice at 6:30 to 9:30, got a migraine for the first time ever (I think), felt like I was dying, passed out...

Friday - woke up to a broken AC, staff prayer, remembered there's a reason why I have weeks like this, worshipped God, AC fixed, finished the stage, came home with my family, AC NOT fixed (booo!!!) sat, waited for AC guy, didn't move, blogged....

Tomorrow- Getting a pedicure and not feeling bad about it!!!!!!

Sunday - Celebrating, worshipping, exalting Jesus! It's going to be truly awesome and totally worth this entire week.

It's nothing compared to what He did for me!!!!

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Gina said...

Sounds like a busy week! We are having fun at our house too. Our Easter will start tonight at a Saturday Vigil mass. Happy Easter to you and yours (We are almost a day ahead of you here in Australia!)