Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Update

Sometimes I forget that there is family who read this blog and don't get to see my kiddos all the time. :) So, here's an update in the life of Jackson & Reagan.

This picture pretty much says it all. The fact that she is in her Princess pajama gown and wearing a bow even says it more. Jason changes and puts her to bed every night. I thought it was funny he left the bow on her. She is such a girly girl who loves her daddy. She's talking more and more these days and continues with her love of food. This morning was her first time to be put in timeout. She threw a fit over not getting a cookie for breakfast and I had to stick her in the corner. She cried and then told me she was "saaahhhry". She still melts my heart even when she's misbehaving. I taught her a New Kids On The Block song that she sings along to, as well as, Taylor Swift's "Love Story". That's my girl.


My sweet boy. Key word....boy. I snapped this picture in the car recently. We were listening to Bon Jovi (courtesy of Jason) and he was rockin out on the "air" drums. He also got a new hair cut and looks even older to me. He'll be 4 on May 28th. I am already re-living the day we brought him home. So crazy. We are going to celebrate in Houston by taking him to an Astros game. His first game ever. Jason is so excited and I know this will be as much, if not more, of a celebration for him too. He still gets up every single night and wants to get in bed with us. He starts out in Reagan's room, but finds his way to ours around 2 am. I am usually so tired that I don't even realize he's in there with us. He still love school and LOOVEESS music.
Jason and I are doing wonderful. We just celebrated 6 years of marriage and couldn't be happier. We have been very blessed and are constantly seeing God provide for our family in every way. Our marriage has never been better. Jason has found a new love with yard work. (Or got sick of me saying things about it.) He is out there almost every day trimming trees, prepping to lay new grass, killing weeds, moving rose bushes, planting new flowers...etc. We've been eager to make a lot of changes in our home, but are taking it one step at a time. At this point, I don't care much about what we end up not getting done. I just love that we are excited about doing life together. Recently, Jason surprised me with a Pandora charm for my birthday. I love everything about it. He knows I love Pandora and he bought this one because it was the 6th Anniversary stone. I know that he was really thinking of us when he bought this. Really meant a lot to me....and now I'll stop gushing.

My sisters will be watching the kids this summer Tuesday - Thursday's. I plan on having a list of chores for them each day. Just kidding. I was 12 when they were born and I had my fair share of raising them. I'm just loving that they have to wipe bottoms 3 days out of the week.

We plan to spend lots of time at Landa Park in New Braunfels and the neighborhood pool this summer. I want a tan...and the kids want to swim...and I want a tan.

So, there it is. That's what's going on!

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