Thursday, February 04, 2010

This Week...

Thursday's have turned into my..."what have I done this week" posts. I know that Friday is still to come, but I never have anything really exciting happen on Friday's.

And now I'm just babbling....moving on.

This week I....

took a road trip.
drank coffee.
went to HEB Plus...awesomeness & great salad bar!
watched Public Enemy.
fell over in shock from a clean house.
actually kept the clean house CLEAN!
told my husband I loved him.
weighed myself to see that I have lost 5 lbs!
talked to Terra!!
watched "That Thing You Do." :)
made Tilapia.
prayed for miracles.
found a missing earring.
washed my hair.
had a wonderful lunch with my hubby.
felt loved.
planned a trip to the Caribbean......

okay not really. :(

saw God move. the best one of all.

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