Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Don't move my toaster!

I moved the toaster.

Jas didn't like that.

He hates it when I move things.

I move things a lot.

He couldn't find the toaster.

We had a....disagreement.


I have a problem.

No wait, he has the problem.

It was a toaster!

No..okay...I have a problem.

But then...I moved the coffee cups...and.....

they got moved back. :)


Trina said...

Nat I love you guys!! This is so Barry and me too. I love to rearrange all the time. :o)

Phelps said...

Just makes me laugh! I can picture it in my mind!

Jason said...

It's just that I tried to make my toast and all I could find was a candy dish, a glass Pyrex top, and a set of mixing bowls.

Kara said...

You didn't really move the toaster, DID YOU???