Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Houston and my clean house!

At some point last week, I decided that I would take a short trip to Houston on Sunday. My grandma has been asking me for weeks to come stay with her. I am very close to my grandma (we call her Mawmaw).....used to spend the night over there every weekend. Except now when you walk in the house doesn't seem as big and the bed you used to sleep in seems really hard and...short. Anyhow, I loaded the kids in the car after church on Sunday and headed to H-town. I had every opportunity to leave Reagan with Jas, but I wanted to give him a free night. Plus, he's taking off Wednesday and going to spend the whole day with her. :)

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures, but here is what happened on our visit...

*Kids slept the whole way there.
*Jackson got to eat macaroni & cheese AND have a root beer at dinner (he kept calling it beer)
*Mawmaw cut Reagan's hair (bangs). Yes, it looks okay.
*Fried chicken, homemade potato salad, lemon pie AND biscuits were consumed.
*I came home with a bi-jil-lion things. She kept trying to give me statues of birds, but I unfortunately just had to say no. "I just don't have any shelf space for those pretty birds." darn.
*The kids slept the whole way back.

Things weren't exceptionally exciting, but it was a good getaway. The best part?

I came home to a clean house. I don't mean just "picked up". I mean CLEAN!!!! My husband is so wonderful. The baseboards were clean. The windows were clean. Every single kitchen cabinet was organized. Jackson's room. Reagan's room. The bathrooms. The pantry. Laundry was done. Seriously. I was in shock. I almost fell over when I walked in the back door from seeing the carpets vacuumed. And that was the FIRST thing I saw.

AND there were flowers for me. He said it took him 7 hours and that he wanted me to feel good when I got home. I didn't speak for awhile. I just looked at everything in awe. I couldn't even say thank you at first. The green chair was even dusted! It seriously was the best gift ever. I love my husband!


Jennifer C said...

Ummm...Yeah...have him talk to Galen...;)

Phelps said...

Lucky!! Coming home to a clean house is the best. My kids use to call rootbeer that too!