Friday, January 29, 2010

A Good Friday!

So my funky mood rolled over into today. I stayed up last night until 11:00 scrubbing my bathroom floors and tub. After I was done Jason told me he was worried about me. I always know it's serious when he says that. I have a problem. See, when I get stressed I obsess about cleaning my house and I rearrange everything. Hence the changes in my kitchen and living room every 5 days. Surprisingly, I have never realized it until this morning. My friend, Jenn and sister-in-law, Breanna had agreed to come over after I got off work and help paint my bathroom today (which is why I was cleaning was disgusting), but Jenn had to cancel and so I ended up canceling the paint job.

It actually ended up better that I didn't paint. I probably would have been crazy lady. Jason would have come home...and we'd have another "Green Chair" story. Sorry for your loss. :)

Bre and I decided to make the most out of the day and go to Gruene. I love Gruene. It's just....quaint. They have this fantastic little coffee shop that SERIOUSLY has the best Chai Latte's...EVER!! You must go and try one. The kids came with us and occupied themselves with chess, colors and lincoln logs (seriously this place is great) and Bre and I played a game of "Battle Ship". I haven't played that since I was 9 and in love with New Kids On the Block. The only thing missing was an episode of Full House. It was so fun.

I needed a day like this. I needed to not obsess about my house. I needed to get out and just

It was a good day....

Happy Friday!

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Phelps said...

How much fun! Why did we never go there the six years I lived there!haha!