Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Houston Highlights

We are having a great time in Houston. I am planning on tomorrow being a day of "rest" for us. Don't want to overload our trip with doing a lot of things and not really having a vacation...if you know what I mean.

We went to the Galleria today and had a great time. Will post more on that later (with some pictures), but for now I can at least say that Jason was OVERWHELMED just a bit. :)

Here are some pictures from our journey here.

This is in Schulenberg, Texas (half-way point to Houston). Great Pecans!

Remember my story about Reagan & the cookies? Well, here is the proof!

Jackson took this picture. :) My brother is on the far left with his SUPER SWEET wife Melissa and that is my sister, Savannah in the middle with her boyfriend Carlos. Love those kids!
This is one of the first times Jackson has spent significant time with my brother. My brother, who is also a drummer really bonded with Jack. It made my heart glad.
Sweater Twins! Melissa and I actually showed up in the same sweater! Ha.

More highlights -
*Jackson was given $15 for Christmas from my grandma and he bought a super soft Cars blanket. He loves it, but I love it more.
*I splurged at Charming Charlie's at the Galleria. I am obsessed with that place!
*Got to have dinner with a great old friend. Yay for meatloaf, Guitar Hero and old friends.

Bummer highlight -
*My kids are sleeping horribly and now Jason and I have started taking turns at who gets to sleep in the room that has no kids in it. Bummer!

Stay tuned for more!

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