Saturday, April 07, 2007


I love color. I love that there are 96 different colors in this crayola box. PRETTY COOL!!! I think that if I could do anything I would go and paint every room in my house a different color. Color rocks a room out.
Anywho, tomorrow is Easter. Seems like I've been thinking "Easter" since January. As soon as Christmas comes and goes there is another big service to plan. The great thing is that we always have so many wonderful people who are helping this year. It seems that a lot of the congregation will have a part in this. I'm mostly excited to see what amazing things God has in store for tomorrow.
We are off to Stoneworks. Yum.....
I'm pretty random today. I'm blaming it on the rain.

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Kelly Newcom said...

The red shoes looked perfect with your outfit today. You looked great!