Monday, April 02, 2007

Trips to the mailbox

So, around 5 months old Jackson started screaming. Really loud. No, it's not your "crying" scream or even "I'm mad" scream. He's perfectly happy....content...and screaming for the world to hear him. Ah, yes it was soo cute the first 70 times he did, but now he's 10 months old and it's driving me crazy. Everywhere we go he screams. We went out to eat the other night and they sat us down by the couple with no kids...of course, and he proceeded to point at them and scream. You can only imagine how Jason and I felt. We went to Jims for breakfast the next morning..yep, screamed like a crazy woman. The thing that gets me is that he is screaming at nothing. When you see your baby stare at the fire place for no reason and point and scream at it, then you will understand. It's humorous, yet annoying.

This has been my day today. I went out to the mailbox just to get out. I've heard of crazy mom stories likes this, but never did I think I would do it. Taking a shower is the most wonderful thing for me because guess what? I can't hear anything!!!

Despite it all though, I still love that little monkey. He seems to light up a room every where we go. I had someone recently tell me what a blessing he was to them and how he puts them in a good mood. She's not even FAMILY!!! She didn't have to say that. ha ha. He's a joy.

Gotta go, Jackson's screaming at the fridge.

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Abigail Denise said...

Jackson and I are going to be buds. Sometimes I scream at the fridge too. I feel for you little buddy...I do.