Monday, April 09, 2007

The Easter Zebra

What an amazing Easter we all had. It was spent getting gifts from the Easter "Grammy" (as my Mom put it) and a long day at church. Jason and I got there around 7:00 am for rehearsal. We do that every Sunday, but I was pretty excited with the whole day ahead of us. We have 3 services on Sunday and they all seemed to be pretty full. It's one thing to sing to a group of 75 and then 300. I like the 300 crowd. I don't feel as nervous for some reason. The services went amazing and I saw God work in some amazing and powerful ways.

After a long day at church we headed over to my Mom's around 1:15 or so and spent the afternoon with her. Not only did the "Easter Grammy" come to see Jackson, but the Easter Zebra came to see my twin sisters as well. . Quite an interesting name huh? Yes....I know....

Then, we were off to Jason's parents and spent the evening over there stuffing our faces even more.

Did I mention that it was freezing outside? Well, it was...for San Antonio anyway. I all ready to wear those cute little Spring clothes and then this freak artic blast comes through. I happen to be one who gets sick of the cold. I want to swim. None-the-less, it was still a great day. God can still have his way in rainy, cold weather right?

My mother-in-law captured this amazing picture yesterday in our worship services. This is some of our worship singers. The presence of God is something that should always bring us to our knees.

He is Risen and Alive!!!

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Powell Family said...

We had a nice Easter too. The service was GREAT! My poor kids were freezing though, because I refused to put them in anything else but the sping easter outfits I got for them. So Connor was stuck wearing khaki shorts and Darah had to wear a sleeveless dress. HA!! LOVE YA!!!