Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fresh Air

Weather is finally getting cooler. Ahh...I can breathe clearer. "sigh"

Life seems to be a little on the clearer side these days. Seemed like the past month or two had been one of the most hectic and crazy times of my life. Not only the busy days, but the craziness of it all. Drama, drama, drama...and more drama.

God never seems to surprise me with the fact that HE is in control. Duh Natalie!!!! I'm stupid..ha...I know that sounds harsh, but reality is I am sometimes. I think though this time I am seeing more discipline in my life to actually hold on to trusting Him. So maybe I am not that stupid....just a little maybe. :) As soon as I listen to what he's saying....and "trust" Him, things always seem to work out just a little better. You would think that I would remember those times. But, we all struggle with this. I don't know anyone who doesn't have their doubts. If you do, let me know who you are. You win a prize.

In front of me right now are all the songs that we will be doing this weekend in worship. On the top of that pile is the song "Meet With Me"........"As I wait, you make me strong. As I long, you draw me to your arms. As I stand, and sing your praise. You come, you come and you fill this place."

Let us wait on you Lord as you make us stronger. Come and fill us.

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