Monday, October 02, 2006


We had a big weekend at church. Over 3800 people showed up for our Fall Festival. It was an amazing time and I believe a big home run for River City. Sean started his new series on the book of Revelation. He's sharing the hope and not the "scary...oh my gosh, end of the world" perpsective. This was our first weekend to start it and it already has opened my eyes. When my dad first became a Christian I remember him sharing the book of Revelation with us. It freaked me out so much that I wasn't sure if God was good or bad. Ha. It's funny how things like that leave an impression on you. I think there are many of us out there who have that view on God. It's like we're all waiting around for Him to bring the hammer down at any moment. "Don't mess up, God will GET you!!" Oh, how many times that has crossed my mind........

God has really been doing some amazing things in my life though. Jason and I are really going through a time of pruning. Now, God is moving on to the lesson of simplicity. We are now a one car family. We've been only using one car to see what it would be like and it's worked out really well. So, we now just have my car and it's going pretty well. Thank you God that we work at the same place!!!

This just been a time where I've had to step back and see what is around me. We live in a small 1230 sq. ft. some standards it's not the "nicest" place, but we love it. It's ours and we're together. Plus, it's newly painted with a new roof too. Ha. Really, we don't need much more. It's nice to know that too. The fact that I actually believe that...that's an amazing feeling.

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Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

I love to hear and see the way God works in you. I love you very much.