Friday, June 23, 2006


Jackson is sleeping so I figure I have a bit of time to update.

I started back to work officially this week. It's been a bit difficult with Jackson, but good to be back at the same time. I guess I feel like I am getting something accomplished when I am working. I have to say though being a Mom feels like a big accomplishment. I just don't know how juggling both of these things will work out. I know that I can bring him and I know that I can work from home, but it's A LOT easier said than done. I am sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tonight is our college party. I am really excited and hope that people come. Mostly, I just hope that their lives are changed while they meet with us this summer. Many of them will leave and go back to school and I just hope that they meet God before they do. We have a great bunch of kids. Well, they're not kids anymore..duh. David, Jackie, Jeanette, Hannah, Kaitlyn....many more. I love you guys.

God is good...God is Love...and God loves icecream. Later.

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