Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Be Passionate

I am looking at a sticker that says "Be Passionate". I want to be a person that lives life like that. I want to be passionate about God.

College group is going great. We are having a lot of new people come. I really feel so good excited about it. I feel like God really wants to do huge things with this group. I feel like God wants to change me through this group. The most exciting thing about it is doing it with Jason. It's really neat to be doing ministry together again. We always include each other in our ministries, but to be able to do one together...that's pretty cool.

Jackson is great. He's getting bigger and more beautiful each day. Jason preached this weekend in "big" church and used us both as sermon illustrations. I guess that's what you get when you are a pastor's wife and kid. Right? Anyway, things are going well. Church was a little overwhelming for him, but I think he will eventually get used to it. It's amazing though that even at this young of age (3 weeks yesterday) that he can already be "overstimulated". He cried for like 2 hours on Sunday night. He didn't seem content until later on that evening. The thing is that he's getting too much attention!! Everyone wants to hold him, touch him, take pictures of him....not bad stuff at all. Probably just too much for a little bity baby. Aww...such is life.

I decided to pick random words from the dictionary and post one a day.

Moonshine - 1. Moonlight 2. meaningless talk 3. illegally distilled liquor.

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Michelle said...

Thats odd....the word you picked. Love ya, glad that you are enjoying mommy life.
Give Jackson a hug and kiss for me.