Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's quiet

I am at my Mom's. I came to stay with her, but she thought I was at camp and went out of town. So here I am. Alone. Jason's at camp. I miss him. I saw him just this 6:00 am...and I miss him already so much. Crazy. I guess love makes you crazy.

Anyway, things are going pretty good. I left camp this morning walking away from an amazing experience with the youth worship team. As soon as I think that I have it figured out...bam...God says something different. I was looking for God to show me what he wanted and saw it in a place I was never even going to look. God is pretty cool like that though.

So, now I that I went through practice I have the weekend to focus on. I am leading this week and I am completely overwhelmed. It seemed like I don't have anything going right for me, but at the same time I feel completely confident about it. I guess that is how I know it's God.

So yeah....I am just tired. I want life to slow down. I have a lot going on. Something almost every night of the week and then a new baby. Ahh....Oh well's a season. :) They come and go thank goodness!!!

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Michelle said...

Remember babies grow up entirely too take some time to just relax and enjoy this stage...people and God will understand. I love you and i'm praying that things go back "right".