Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's 5 AM

It's 5 AM...sounds like a good song title to me. Well, that's another blog, another day.

Just finished feeding Jackson. He's sitting in his baby papasan chair. I wish they made them for me. He's just sitting there sucking on his binkie....chilled, relaxed, full and probably making a dirty diaper. Actually, that sounds more like the life my husband would love to lead. :) He he.

In the middle of this early morning feeding I found myself remembering. I remembered the times God spoke to me most and how they were in the quiet times like this. Seems that 5 AM is the only time God can get my attention. The world hasn't quite gotten into the swing of the day, yet God wants me to start mine with Him. Seems almost perfect actually. I thought about God's amazing love most of all. One of my favorite songs to do in worship is "Amazing Love". I have always seemed to connect so much to the words. I think I've known this song since 7th grade. It was that "bring me down the aisle" song at youth camp, but really didn't know why. Honestly, it didn't seem to really sink in until now. Having a baby seemed to change the meaning it took on for me.

Amazing Love How Can It Be
That You My King Would Die For Me
Amazing Love I Know It's True
And It's My Joy To Honor You
In All I Do, I Honor You

Now I guess I can see why God would die for me. I can see the love that it he has so deeply for me.


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Anonymous said...

That's the same song that came to me so many times right after Darah was born! It's amazing how your relationship with God takes on a new perspective when you yourself are a parent of a child! I think parenting is the best way to learn what our relationship with our Father is really about! ~McKenna