Friday, June 02, 2006

A good night

We had our very first...somewhat-of-a-schedule night!!! Yay!!!

Everything is going great! Starting to feel the 37 hour labor and sleepless nights hitting me today. I am sore all over and can't keep my eyes open, but again it's worth it. Jason is a GREAT daddy and helps out sooo much.

I'll probably be starting work back in a couple of weeks! I am so blessed to be in a work enviroment that lets me bring him and work from home when needed.

The college group, known as "Underground" is starting in a couple of weeks. We are so excited to start it all. Pray for Jason and I as we tackle on this new ministry. With a new baby, work, and everything else we do it's going to be crazy, but we know that God will always see us through if it's what he wants for us. I had such a confirmation of that last night....let me tell!

As a new momma I find myself worrying about a lot of things (even more than I already did). Last night Aaron and Bre came over with her Mom. It was our first visit with Carson and just really wonderful. I have never really gotten to talk a lot with Bre's mom, but for some reason we just seem to hit it off last night. I know that God was speaking to me through her. "He just wants us to come to Him", she said. Wow! At that moment, standing there in the kitchen, it was the most profound thing I had ever heard!! Ha! I know I've heard and said it myself so many times, but lately have really neglected doing it. How many times do I plead and complain to God, but yet I never really just sit down with him.

So whatever ends up coming this next year....Work, Ministry, Baby, Family...I know that when God is first it really does all work out.

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